My name is Cisco Ospina and I am the Director of Information Technology for Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, Georgia. I have been blessed to work with SCC since August of 2005. I am responsible for anything and everything IT related at SCC, including Computer Support (over 250 computers), Systems Administration (40+ servers, and multiple locations), and Network Infrastructure; as well as the day to day administration and decision making that it takes to manage and direct an IT Department.

Until June 2007, I was the only IT professional on staff; although I do have a great team of volunteers. June 1, 2007, we hired Ernesto, our Computer Support Specialist. Ernesto is responsible for all Help Desk & Computer Support (Tier 1 Support), which has taken a load from me allowing me to shift my concentration to other much needed areas. In addition, we brought on Scott as our Systems Administrator in September 2011.  He is responsible for Regional Campuses and Systems Administration/Tier 2 Support.  A third Tier Support is concidered Network Infrastructure, LAN/WAN/WLAN Support and Administration, which I maintain responsibility for.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to serve at SCC, and He is putting together a great IT team to support the mission of Leading People to a Life-Changing Connection with Jesus Christ!

I am married to my beautiful wife, Betty, and we have two kids. Together, we cherish family time, serve in our church, and seek to show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to those around us.

I’d also like to second that from Jason’s site that: This blog reflects my personal views, and while I am a staff member of Savannah Christian Church, most of the views expressed will be aligned with the values of SCC but should not be considered the official view of Savannah Christian Church. In-fact, if your view is different, posting comment push-backs are good… they make one think critically about what is said or believed.


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