Veeam Backup and Replication hardware

Because of the lack of characters in twitter, I thought I would share my setup via my blog and ask for recommendations on configuration.  Specifically the recommended RAID configuration for the best backup time.


  • VMware Essentials Plus, three ESXi 4.1 hosts
  • Identical Hosts:  Dell R710, Dual Intel Xeon E5530 2.4 GHz (dual quad core processors), 32GB of RAM
  • EqualLogic PS5000e iSCSI SAN.  16x 1TB SATA II 7200RPM hard drives in a RAID 50 with 10.47 TB usable
  • 23 Virtual Machines
  • Approx 7TB file server storage in use

Destination (Veeam Backup Server)

  • Physical Server: PowerEdge 2950, Dual Intel Xeon 5050 3.0 GHz, 4GB of RAM
  • Direct Attached Storage:  MD1000, 15x 2TB Western Digital RE4 Enterprise/RAID SATA II 7200RPM hard drives

So, basically a few questions:

  1. What RAID for best performance?  My research tells me RAID 10 has best performance.  However, I’d like to hear the recommended RAID setup for Veeam B&R.  Could be that RAID 50 is recommended and RAID 10 would be overkill given the way Veeam backs up?  I’m not sure.  I need a reasonable backup window. 
  2. Is the RAM okay, or need to upgrade?  This server was previously a file server, so 4GB was more than sufficient.
  3. Currently the Veeam server is 2003.  I’m thinking 2008 since we are starting from scratch.  Any things to look for there?
  4. What’s the recommended backup schedule?  Backup all at once?  Split up based on host/lun?  Limit backup to a specific number of VMs at once?

Thanks for your help.  I could figure out by trail and error, but would rather not recreate the wheel.  What works for you, and what is best practice?