2010 Projects

2010 has been a very busy year for IT at Savannah Christian Church, and we aren’t slowing down now! Be on the look out for detailed blog posts over the next few weeks of some of the projects we have rolled out this year, and others still in planning for a 2010/2011 roll out.

Topics include:

* Firewall upgrade – Cisco PIX to ASA
* Moved from 3 bonded T’s to Metro E 10MB up/down.
* Televantage VoIP rolled out
* VMware vSphere Essentials Plus rolled out – 3 host high availability setup.
* EqualLogic 4.0 to 4.3 firmware upgraded.
* Upgraded Domain Controllers to 2008 and moved functional levels to 2008
* Implemented Windows 2008 DFS Naming and Replication for a single network share across all campuses (Naming), and backup (Replication) data back to the main campus.
* Began rolling out Windows 7.
* East Campus new facilities, extended SCC network via site-to-site VPN.
* Effingham Campus launch and new facilities, extend SCC network via site-to-site VPN.
* Rolled out regional campus check-in systems using Wyse Thin Clients and Windows 2008 RD Published App.
* Upgraded to Backup Exec 2010, and planning the deduplucation piece.
* EMS to HVAC integration. Automatic HVAC controlls when a room is reserved via EMS.
* Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Web Access (SSL) and Remote Desktop Gateway implementation. This is replacing public/private NAT RDP access with an SSL secured web access.
* Three server Terminal Server (RD) Farm for load balancing and HA.
* Blackberry 4 – 5 planning.
* Exchange 2007 – 2010 planning.
* Centrally mannaged wireless (WLAN) solution planning.

And more!

I hope to get back on track with blogging about what we are doing here at SCC. Many things I have rolled out have come specifically from CITRT. This blog is my chance to give back to other CITRT and IT Professionals looking for ideas, or troublehooting problems! :0)