Windows 2008 Terminal Server Published App with ACS.

Over the past few months we have been testing Windows 2008 Terminal Server Published Apps and I am very impressed.  With Published App, we are able to push a program to the users desktop via Terminal Server, without having to push the whole remote desktop.  We are able to just push the program.  And it works GREAT!

How are we using it?  Our Church Management System is ACS (Automated Church Systems,  Our database resides on a local server.  Then, there is a client that accesses the database server.  This works great over a 100+ MB connection, but not so well over wireless, and impossible via VPN.  This is where Windows 2008 Terminal Server Published App comes into play.  We were able to install a Windows 2008 Server, install Terminal Server with Published Application support, install ACS and then publish the program.  It’s that easy.  What’s great is that it can run on the LAN, WAN, Wireless, you name it.  And, the user wouldn’t know that the program isn’t installed on their computer. 

Another great benefit is that when we perform an update to ACS, we only have to do it once on the Terminal Server and anyone that uses ACS via published app will automatically be updated. 

We will be using Windows 2008 Published App for our Check-in Stations, as well as for our Regional Campuses (WAN) where it would be impossible to push ACS and Televantage through the VPN.  If you haven’t installed an played with Windows 2008 Terminal Server and Published Apps, I highly recommend you doing so.  You won’t be dissappointed.


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  1. […] and it works like a charm!  I won’t post the install details here, because Jason M. Lee and Cisco Ospina have done a great job of that on their blogs and are both much smarter than I am.  The sweet thing […]

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