Scanning MACs with Spiceworks

Here at Savannah Christian Church, we use Spiceworks ( for our IT Inventory and Help Desk database.  We’ve been using it for about a year now, and it works great.  Spiceworks has the ability to scan Windows via Windows Accounts and/or Domain Accounts; MAC/Unix/Lunix via SSH; and Network hardware via SNMP.  Until recently, we just used Spiceworks to scan for our PCs and network gear.   We have finally got around to looking at what it takes to scan our MACs, and found that it was really straight forward.  If you are using Spiceworks (or thinking of using Spiceworks), here are the steps we took for scanning our MACs.  Your MAC will need to be atleast OS X.

Configuring Spiceworks:

  • Open Spiceworks and go to Settings
  • Click Network Scan
  • Scroll down to Manage Network Accounts.
  • Click Add and add an SSH account. (Note: You will need to add this username and password to all of your MACs.)
  • Scroll back up and edit your Device/Range that you use to scan your network.
  • Where it says SSH, use the drop down to select the Account that you just created.

Configuring the MAC:

  • Click the Apple icon and go to System Preferences
  • Click Sharing under Internet and Network
  • Check Remote Login
  • At the top of that page, make sure that your “Computer Name” is alpha-numeric and does not have any special characters or spaces (not even hyphens or underscores).
  • Go back to System Preferences and click Network.
  • Be sure that both your AirPort (if applicable) and Ethernet have the WINS (under Advanced) NetBios name show the same as the computer name.
  • Apply your settings.
  • If you don’t already have an account that is the same on all the MACs (it doesn’t have to be what they use to log in, but something like a local admin account), then go to Accounts and create one for each MAC (be sure to use the same user name and password).  This will be the same account name and password Spiceworks will use to scan the MACs via SSH.

Once you’ve completed these steps you can run your Spiceworks Network Scan and it will pick up your MACs, and populate all the data as it does for PC.  Very cool!