A year of Blogging

It’s been a year since I’ve started blogging.  Looking back, I really haven’t kept up with it like I had thought I would.  I average a post or two every other month.  But that’s cool though.

My purpose for the blog is to have a place to share my experiences with other IT Professionals.  What better place to do this than the Web.  🙂  I know for me, it’s awesome to do a Google search and find the answer to a problem on the first page!  That’s what I’ve tried to do this year with my blog.  When I come across a problem, or am working on a project that is new or may  be hard to find, I try to document it and post it on the web, with the hopes that someone else coming across that particular problem or project will find the answer (or get closer to the answer) sooner than later by coming across my blog.

So here are some stats from this year.  Not having anything to compare it to, I’ll say that’s pretty cool that I’ve had 14,488 views over the course of a year.  Most of the hits are from searches too!  🙂

So that’s what I’ll do again for 2009.  I may not blog several times a week, or even a month, like you would expect from a blog.  But I will definitely blog about projects and issues that I come across.

God has blessed me with a great 2008.  I pray Gods blessing over you for 2009.  Happy New Years!


Two Years with the Barracuda Spam Firewall

This month marks two years that we have had the Barracuda Spam Firewall.  I wanted to post the results (as I did last year):

The first shot is stats since I first installed the Barracuda, and the second shot is stats from this month.  It’s working great and I would highly recommend the Barracuda Spam Firewall if you are looking for a spam solution to work with your email system.