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IT Policy

Do you have a written IT policy clearly stating that all computers are property of the church, that an employee has no privacy to using the computer, and that the church (employer) has the right to “access, monitor, analyze, and inspect its computers at any time, with or without permission or advance notice”?  Are the staff required to sign off stating that they have read and understood your Churches Policy manual?

I was reading “Can Churches Inspect Employees’ Computers?” from Church Law & Tax Report and they had a story of an employee successfully claiming the Fourth Amendment because there was not a policy in place stating that the church had the right to search the computer, so it was implied that the staff member had the right to privacy and would need to give consent to search the computer (it was much more detailed than that, but that was the main point).

Here’s a good article (different article) with a few things you should include in your Information Technology Policy to ensure the “expectation of privacy” is not there.


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  1. Wow that’s really interesting. Good article too.

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