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WSUS as a Virtual Machine?

Anyone running Microsoft’s WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) as a Virtual Server.  I was leaning toward physical during early planning, but now more toward virtual.  I found this forum with network environments much larger than we are saying they are running it without any trouble.


What are your thoughts?


9 Responses

  1. We have had a dedicated VM with 1GB RAM running WSUS for several months now without any issues.

  2. Very cool. Are you storing the updates within the virtual machine or on another storage type?

    Thanks for your reply!


  3. We’ve been running in a VM (VMWare Server on Win2k3) for over a year, 400+ clients, some over VPN – zero problems.

  4. Here at my current job (last day today!) we have WSUS running in a Windows 2000 Server virtual with 1GB RAM. We are storing the updates on separate virtual disk so it can be expanded as needed without affecting the OS virtual disk.

  5. We have the updates on a separate virtual disk on the SAN.

  6. Our WSUS is a virtual Server 2003 box that is dual purposed as our print server as well. We have run this way for over a year and seen no issues.

  7. We too run WSUS in Win2003R2 VM (on ESX 3.5) without issue. We store the updates within the VM, but on a separate disk file (d: drive) so that we can expand it easier if the need arises (not to mention it’s bad to put things on the system volume that could cause it to run out of space 😉

  8. Great! Thank you for your posts. Looks like I will definitely be going the virtual route.


  9. We are running WSUS in a virtual environment here also. It’s currently on a Windows Server 2008 64 Bit VM. Actual update files are stored in a separate virtual disk.

    I’ve found that 99% the answer to “Can it be virtualized” is “Definitely, why not?”. The only application in most Windows networks I would say is not a candidate for virtualization is Active Directory do to a number of issues, clock drift being one of them.

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