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VMware and Virtualization

I’m getting ready to download this Free VMware Hypervisor to start testing it this week! If you are not working with virtualization, I highly recommend you download either VMware ESXi, or VMware Server (which runs on top of Windows).

I was able to see VMware first hand with many of our Church IT friends at the Church IT – SharePoint Training in January 2008.  Let me share what virtualization has done for me, in less than 8 months.

When I came on board with Savannah Christian in August of 2005, we had two servers. Our TeleVantage Server (telephone system which I highly recommend!), and our everything else server.  🙂

In the summer of 2007, we hired Ernesto, our Computer Support Specialist, which allowed me to concentrate more on the networking and management side of IT. Because of the cost of adding physical servers, we still grew at a slower pace. Since implementing VMware into our network in January of this year, our ability to add servers when and where they are needed is now possible, and easy! Here’s our server growth since 2005…

SCC Servers
Year    New   Total
2005      1        3
2006      1        4
2007      3        7
2008      14      21

Currently, we have 12 physical servers (thank you John with Kern-Coleman & Co. for donating three servers over the last 2 years), and 9 virtual servers, for a total of 21 servers. I am planning to reduce (over time) the physical servers. Converting, or rebuilding, them to virtual (where possible). Virtualization not only saves on the actual cost of physical servers, but on other cost as well; such as rack space, electricity, cooling, etc. As well as to utilize your servers resources, which could be considerably underutilized when a single physical server is purchased for a “one server” application.

As I said, if you are not using Virtualization now, I highly recommend downloading and testing it. You won’t be disappointed!


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