Spiceworks 3.0 Duplicates

We’ve been using Spiceworks since the first of April and really like it.  If you haven’t heard of Spiceworks, ITChurch.com has great review.

Has anyone performed an upgrade to Spiceworks 3.0 from 2.0 and are now experiencing duplicates?  Before the upgrade, our Inventory was accurate with about 160 workstations.  It now shows over 230 workstation.  When I look at the workstations, some duplicates have the same name,  but different SN’s (one will be correct, the other will show the computer name for the SN).  Then, other duplicates will show ws01 for one computer name, and then ws01.domain.com for the name on the other.  I’ve posted in the Spiceworks Support, but haven’t gotten anything back yet.  When I delete the duplicates, it picks them right back up in the next scan.

We are using the Help Desk feature, and have manually input a lot of info and notes, so starting from scratch is something we are trying to stay away from.

How is your Spiceworks upgrade going?

UPDATE: Duplicates have been fixed with the release of Spiceworks 3.1!  Yeah!


SpiceWorks 3.0 is here!

The latest version of SpiceWorks, 3.0, is here! There are many improvements and I’m looking forward to upgrading our SpiceWorks Virtual Server soon. We have been using it for a few months now and really like it! I’ll do a blog on our SpiceWorks experience and setup soon.