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BES – Message Status: Service Blocked

Out of 11 Blackberry’s on our Blackberry Professional Server that I manage onsite at our church, I had trouble with two.  They both could not Activate wirelessly.  When I plugged in the cable, I could successfully activate via Desktop Manager. However, once I unplugged the cable, I could not send/receive e-mail, nor sync with Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc. When I tried to send an e-mail, I received a Message Status: Service Blocked.  When I called the service provider, the moment I told her I had a BES online, they said “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do since you have your server you’ll need to go through Blackberry.  I can help you wipe the phone as a troubleshooting step, but from there, I’ll have to transfer you to RIM.”  So they transfered me.  After spending almost an hour on hold, I spoke with RIM.  I gave him the PIN numbers of both Blackberry phones and sure enough, they said that neither phone had the service provisioned on their phones to allow them to connect to a Blackberry Enterprise Server.  He told me to call back the service provider and ask them to be sure that the phone has the correct plan to work with a Blackberry Enterprise Server.  After doing this, we found out that the phone had a service plan that allowed for Blackberry Internet Mail (not BES).  They upgraded the plan, reprovisioned the phone, and all is working.

So… if you are receiving  Message Status: Service Blocked, call your service provider and ask them to verify that your account is provisioned to work with a Blackberry Enterprise Server.  Once they change the plan and re-provision the account, you should be all set to Activate Wirelessly.


2 Responses

  1. this is a very useful post. it is a replica of what i’m presently going through.


  2. Blackberry Error:
    “Status: Service Blocked”
    This error occurs when sending emails. The device is not able to receive emails. However, usually the device is able to get online via the Blackberry Browser.
    Incorrect Data Plan with Phone Carrier.
    If you connect to your company’s BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server), you will need to have a BES data plan NOT the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) data plan.
    After the carrier switches the data plan to the appropriate BES one, you may need to go into Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Tables and click and choose “Register Now” to update the devices routing tables.
    If you still cannot send or receive emails; you may need to rerun the Enterprise Activation.

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