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Blackberry Professional Server Online!

Update from my earlier post on the VMware Converter…

 After shutting down the Physical EMSWEB server, I successfully brought up the Virutal EMSWEB that I was able to convert from the Physical server using VMware Converter.  Upon booting up for the first time, I installed VM-Tools.  Everything is working great.  I had to disable a sound driver that was giving trouble, and I had to reconfigure the Static IP, but once I did this, I was able to use this server from the network.  No one ever knew that a change took place.

 I gave it most of the week last week to make sure all was working well.  Then, Thursday, I took the physical EMSWEB machine, unplugged the network cable, and turned the machine back on.  I renamed the server, forced it back to workgroup, and reconfigured the Static IP for the server.  Then I plugged the network back in and rejoined the server to the domain as the new Blackberry Professional Server.  I have installed Blackberry Professional Express and it is working great.  If you or anyone on staff is using a Blackberry and you do not have a Blackberry Server, I highly recommend this.  It is very easy to setup and provides the security you need for your Blackberry and your network.  The server includes secured connections from your phone to your network, and the ability to set IT policies, such as require passwords on the phone and enable/disable certain features if needed.  Should the user misplace their phone, you can change the password remotely.  And if they can’t find it long term or it was stolen, you can remotely wipe and disable the phone from the Blackberry Server.  This is a great feature also available with Exchange ActiveSync 2003 and later (we have Blackberry & Windows Mobile Devices).  The Blackberry Server also gives you the ability to not only redirect e-mail, but to synchronize with your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks as well.

 Now that I have my Blackberry configured and working with the new server (which was a free download with one free device CAL), I’ll purchase the licenses for the other 15 or so Blackberry’s that we have on our network.  As I said before, this is a great solution if you have 30 or less Blackberry’s.  Once you reach 30, you can upgrade to Blackberry Enterprise Server. 


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